Informed Dissent

Episode #146 with Dr. Lucas Klein

January 25, 2024 Dr. Jeff Barke and Dr. Mark McDonald Season 1 Episode 146
Informed Dissent
Episode #146 with Dr. Lucas Klein
Show Notes
Here we go again! Episode #146 of Informed Dissent with your hosts Dr. Mark McDonald and Dr. Jeff Barke! This week we hear from Dr. Lucas Klein. He is a Psychologist, Psychoanalyst, Forensic Expert, and Executive Consultant. 

His philosophy states, “I believe people need to feel safe enough to venture forward in life in a way where they can do things that help them move past old ways of being that have been the cause of so much pain. That requisite safety is known through a relationship with someone else, or is torn down by the same. Relationships are the organizers of the mind, which is why we are so moved and affected by the so called past. Our pasts are of course playing out in real time between ourselves and others as we demonstrate to and with others how we have been shaped by being and time. Our unconscious organizing principles that were fashioned to help us understand emotional experience were learned in early development in order to protect us from disconnection, and symptoms and problems are often a reflection of unconscious efforts to feel cohesive as a self and to remain connected to loved ones.”

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