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Episode #149 with Kim Rogers (Worm Queen)

February 13, 2024 Dr. Jeff Barke and Dr. Mark McDonald Season 1 Episode 149
Informed Dissent
Episode #149 with Kim Rogers (Worm Queen)
Show Notes


Have you heard of the Worm Queen?

Neither had we--until a couple weeks ago when our podcast manager said we HAD to get her on the show! 

Kim Rogers has worked in Western medicine for 18+ years and holds an associate’s degree  in Medical Specialties and a bachelor's degree in Healthcare.  During her 18 years in the medical field and academics, she authored multiple medical books, wrote national allied health certification tests, and served on medical advisory boards. While her own personal health took her away from this amazing path, it led her to an even better opportunity: helping others realize how important it is to understand their own bodies and health.

Enjoy hearing about all things parasites and learn new things with us on Episode #149.

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